Overview of Grade 1 Computer Lab Curriculum

Each month has a theme in which all lessons for that month are based. The computer lab instructor also has options inside most lessons to lengthen or shorten the individual lessons where appropriate. You can complete as many lessons as possible within any given month; however, when the month is over, continue onto the next months lessons even if there are lessons from previous months that must be skipped.

As always, please feel welcome to go to http://months.wikispaces.com/August to find activities.

First Grade is also a time where we are teaching the children about the computer and reinforcing basic skills learned from Kindergarten. Some of the basic skills introduced in First Grade should be:
  • starting up a computer
  • shutting down a computer

August-Introduction to Computer

Resource for August, Lesson 1: Can be found on TIS Learning Management Page. Please see your TIS for a digital copy of this file.

September-Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship

Resource to be used with September Lesson 1

Resource for September Lesson 3:

October-Microsoft Paint

November-Microsoft PowerPoint and SMART Notebook Software

December-Microsoft Word

January-Snow and 100th Day of School

February-Black History Month, Valentine's Day, Super Bowl

March-Career Day and St. Patrick's Day

Resource for First Grade March lesson 1:

Resource for First Grade March lesson 2:

April-Earth Day

Resource for First Grade April lesson 2:

May-No lessons for this month.

  • There are no lessons for the month of May. This is intentional so that the computer lab instructor can go back and present lessons that were skipped in previous months due to time constraints.