Overview of Grade 5 Computer Lab Curriculum

Each month has a theme in which all lessons for that month are based. The computer lab instructor also has options inside most lessons to lengthen or shorten the individual lessons where appropriate. You can complete as many lessons as possible within any given month; however, when the month is over, continue onto the next months lessons even if there are lessons from previous months that must be skipped.

The month of August is designated as a review month. There are a few lessons in this month; however, here are some more options of lessons for this month:
1. Using other activities from previous grade levels that are deemed beneficial.
2. Go to Computer Lab Curriculum Wiki to find activites. (Look in the Monthly Highlights and Holiday and Special Occasions tab of the wiki as well as the Grade Level tab)
3. Review “Ready Position” with students to enforce proper hand position on the keyboard.
4. BrainPop

There are no lessons for the month of May. This is intentional so that the computer lab instructor can go back and present lessons that were skipped in previous months due to time constraints.

August- Review Month

Lessons 1 and 2 Handout:

Lesson 2 Handout:

September- Digital Citizenship

Lesson 1 Handout:

Lesson 2 Handout:

Lesson 3 Handout:

October- Bl​og/Wi​ki
Blog/Wiki/E-mail introduction/practice might be able to be completed through the new Learning Management System for LCSD1; however, since this is such a new concept, I have used iweb as the product to introduce blogging to students.
Lesson 1 Resource: Lesson 2 to 4 Resources:

November- Microsoft Word

Lesson 1 Handout:
Lesson 1 Example:
Lesson 1 Prompts:

December- SMART Notebook/PowerPoint
Lesson 1 and 2 Handout:
January- Publisher

Lesson 2 Example:

February- OpenMind

Lesson 1 Resource:

Lesson 3 Handout:

March- Excel
Lesson 1 Resources:
April- Picture Manager/Photostory/Microsoft Movie Maker
Photostory Resource:
Biome Pictures: tundra.jpgdesert.jpglake.jpgmarsh.jpgocean.jpgpond.jpgrain_forest.jpgriver.jpgsalt_marsh.jpgstream.jpgswamp.jpg
Template for Lesson 2 and 3: